trouble ahead

It's now over a month since I outlined my 2016 plans: get fitter, do more on testability.

What's the progress?

I've got a place on the 2016 Fred Whitton Challenge, which is widely regarded as the hardest one-day "fun" ride in the UK.

Having done it in 2014, I am minded to concur

That time 4 people got helicoptered off; I have no intention of qualifying for the same transport this year.

Instead: I now have to get fit enough to do 110 miles up 30% gradients, when I'm currently fit enough to do 25-30 miles.

In 10 weeks.


  1. I signed up for two imperial centuries in May, but neither have much climbing. Did two 40mi rides last week, just getting the feel for the bike again.

    1. Also this is Andrew Wang, dunno why I show up as "Unknown" via Google :)


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