Remembering the glaciers: Fox Glacier, New Zealand

The southern hemisphere has its own ice. I can't find any of my 1994 Peru/Chile expedition photos, so nothing of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap, the Torres del Paine or snow-capped volcanoes.

Instead, here's one from New Zealand, the Fox Glacier.


This was on South Island, somewhere down the west coast, December 1998.

What's impressive here is how it comes down almost to sea level: we were staying nearby and this was a short and mostly flat walk from where we were staying. It's in the temperate rain forests of the region. The fact that the entire valley looks fairly glacial implies that its been bigger in the past -like many of the other Fjords on the island, it shows the glaciers once made their way out to a lower sea level. (the same goes for Scottish sea glens, presumably)

The whole glacier was making the sound of gently running water, right down by the terminal moraines. Apparently this glacier actually advanced between 2005-2009, but it's retreating again.

[Team: Steve, Bina]
[Photo: Fujichrome ASA100 slide (presumably) on an olympus zoom-lens compact camera I'd bought in NZ]

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