"It is not necessary to have experience of Hadoop"

I don't normally post LinkedIn approaches, especially from our competitors, but this one was so painful it blew my "do your research" criteria so dramatically it merits coverage.

FWIW my reply was: this is some kind of spoof, no?

Col du Barrioz

On 01/16/15 2:56 AM, Jessica <surname omitted to avoid embarrassment> wrote:    
Hi Steve,

I hope you are well?

We are currently hiring at Cloudera to expand our Customer Operations Engineering team.

We are looking to build this team significantly over the coming months and this is a rare opportunity to become involved in Cloudera's Engineering department.

The role is home based with very little travel required (just for training).

We are looking for people with strong Linux backgrounds and good experience with programming languages. It is not necessary to have experience of Hadoop - we will teach you !!

For the chance to be part of this team please send me your CV to <email omitted to avoid embarrassment>@cloudera.com alternatively we can organise a time to speak for me to tell you more about the role?



As an aside, I am always curious why recruiter emails always start with "I hope you are well?".

a) We both know that the recruiter doesn't care about my health as long as it doesn't impact my ability to work with colleagues, customers and, once my training in Hadoop is complete, maybe even to learn understand how to use things like DelegationTokenAuthenticatedURL —that being what I am staring at right now.(*)

b) We both know that she doesn't actually want details like "well, the DVLA consider my neurological issues under control enough for me to drive again —even down to places like the Alps, and the ripped up tendon off my left kneecap is manageable enough for me to do hill work when I get there"

(*) If anyone has got Jersey+SPNEGO hooked up to UserGroupInformation, I would love that code.

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