Sorry: I ignore LinkedIn requests from people I don't know

This is an update of my existing policy: I tend to ignore LinkedIn requests from people I don't know.
Stokes Croft Xmas 2012 decorations

If you have been sent a link to this page after you extended an invitation to connect to me on LI, then sorry,  it appears you've fallen in to this category. This may be because
  1. I don't know you. As I use I use LinkedIn primarily as an email address book, adding your email address to only creates confusion for me later on.
  2. You are an HR recruiting person who hasn't read my critiques of Hadoop recruiting strategies. LI is not the place to find me; trying to connect to me on LI without even paying for a premium account doesn't make you look serious about recruiting -and doesn't benefit the Hadoop ecosystem. And I'm having fun at Hortonworks, so approaching me is a waste of time unless you want your plans made public.
  3. We have met, I have just completely forgotten about it as I am better at remembering email addresses than names or faces. 
If it's option #3: please retry with some better context than the stock "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn".

If it's options 1 or 2, LinkedIn is not the way to approach me. I am not trying to build up a vast network -I primarily use it as my address book for people I've worked with on Apache projects, or other people I've worked with. Not as a way of keeping a list of people I don't know.

As I've stated before, LinkedIn actually measures the accept:reject ratio of invitation requests. If I accept invitations from people I don't know, that devalues all my other links and does their graph no benefit at all.


[photo: xmas 2012 graffiti off stokes croft]

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