Crater Lake: T+11

Following on from my "Page Mill T+20" trip, in late August we ended up Crater Lake for the Corvallis "Mid Valley Bicycle Club" annual circuit of the lake.


Crater Lake

and 2012
Crater Lake Tour 2012
The colours are different as in 2012 the Lassen fires 80 miles to the south are adding a light smoke to the air.

The original picture was taken with a Sony camera, 2048*1536; 3 Megapixels. The resolution is less than my desktop monitor, which makes it appear grainy as a background.

in 2012:, the original size of 4000*3000 means four times as many dots; the panasonic compact has a leica lens and makes up for the loss of a viewfinder by the ability to display a grid + diagonals over the image, to increase P(horizontal(horizon)).

In August 2001, Bina was 5 months pregnant; now our son is 10 and did the loop on a tandem, working with Mike Wilson, who races in the PNW CX circuit in the category below his age to make it more challenging. That may seem to have given Alexander some help -but it also meant that he was made to do it at a fairly aggressive pace, with none of this resting business.

Crater Lake Tour 2012
I did it on a borrowed MTB, with knobbly tires, and took a couple of detours to add 12+ miles to my route. Even so, compared to Alexander, I look suspiciously tired.

Crater Lake Tour 2012

I got back to the campground (because of those detours, honest) about a hour after him, tired, needing my rest and refreshments.

What is the ten year old doing? Running around chasing chipmunks. Then he comes over and tries to steal my beer.

Crater Lake Tour 2012

That's it then -isn't it? I may as well retire now.

Were it not for the fact that university education is becoming so expensive that my son will need a large amount of cash to get through it then I have no further contribution to make towards my DNA's survival.

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