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My life is less interesting than it seems on facebook

Yet another LI approach, this one that didn't know who at Twitter was a Hadoop committer and therefore someone I knew/had consumed beer at the Highbury with.

What I will flag up here is Twitter's storage team's plans to build a new data platform from scratch. Not heard of that before.

Hi. I 'm afraid I must decline your invitation. I am having lots of fun at hortonworks building the future of Hadoop, and am not interested in any discussions.

While I am at it, can I point out

these state my reference policy for dealing with unsolicited approaches. A quick scan of the Hadoop committer list would identify who I have worked with at twitter, so who to approach me through more personally.

On 8/30/12 1:00 AM, Mike  wrote:
Hi Steve,

I lead passive candidate engagement for the core storage team at Twitter. I ran across your profile and I wanted to see if you may be open to a short conversation.  The storage team is working on a next generation big data platform we are building from scratch.  This will fundamentally change the way we store and analyze data.  Would you be available to speak sometime this week?

I look forward to your response.



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