Remembering the Glaciers : Sunset over Mont Blanc

Sunset over Mont Blanc

Sunset over Mont Blanc.

From the west, obviously; Will and I had turned up with our bikes near Les Contamines and haggled over how much it would cost us to camp there. We'd already eaten, so all we were paying for was a shower. They gave us a discount in exchange for making us camp in the far corner and not tell anyone what we'd paid. Given the next two days our bathing facilities were mountain streams of meltwater a few minutes off the ice, the FFr we paid for the shower was worth it.

Wikipedia tells me that that the date was 21 June, 1997. We'd been up Col de la Columbiere that morning to catch a mountain stage of the Tour de France. Pantani won the day, with Col de Joux Plane being the big finale.

We were heading in the opposite direction: south on gravel tracks over to Lac Du Roselend, then continuing a partial bike circuit of Mont Blanc.

Imagine what this would look like without the ice? Still dramatic, but red in the sunset?

[Participants: Steve L, Will W]
[Film: Fujichrome 100ASA slide+ Canon Sureshot compact]

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